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Fallen Leaf

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Fallen Leaf Empty Fallen Leaf

Post by BasilMeer on 29th November 2010, 12:46 pm

A short emo poem that I wrote some days ago.

These desolate paths,
Which we used to walk on,
These beautiful flowers,
That you used to pick up,
Those times that we had spent together,
Those memories that you had given me,
Will stay with me till I am free,
Free from this prison,
That holds me back,
I will be with you,
When my time is up.
Just like these leaves,
Which rot and fall

This poem is about a man who's love died in a tragic accident. He goes on her grave and puts on her grave the flowers that she loved and used to pick whenever they went out together. The last four lines mean that the man says that he'll be joining his love after when his time in this world is over, when he'll die.

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