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Well, this is awkward-

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Well, this is awkward-

Post by Arco on 1st October 2011, 4:53 pm

-or not.

I've been thinking, I'm going to make a game that uses robots, but I want to know what battle system I should use. Should I go for an action packed ABS like DW:Gundam, or a strategic battle system?

ABS Choices:

Vlad SBABS/Vampyr ABS:

- Real time fast paced action with an entire party.
- A HUD showing current HP, MP, and EXP
- A Hotkey system allowing for quick use of items and spells
- An auto EXP and auto gold calculater meaning you don't have to assign gold dropped or exp gained
- You can jump!
- A beastiery to keep track of your faught enemies

IEX - Yggdrasil:
Fully Custom attacks - Almost all the features in Yggdrasil are REGEX driven, the attacks are no exception, create multi-hit attacks, long range, bow effect, knock back, etc.
Projectiles - No ABS is complete without flying things! You can create interesting projectiles with some eventing knowledge + Some special effects!
Switch Operated - Yggdrasil won't eat up your game all for it self, you can turn it off (Not really necessary) to go and use your Normal Battle System.
So if you have GTBS + some other Battle System + Yggdrasil you have a whopping 3 BS, now that sounds interesting!
Action Sequences - Something you don't see on an ABS, action sequences allows you create, fancy effects, killer combos and interesting skills.
IRME Support - This script supports IRME - Icy Random Map Encounters, so you can create enemies with ease and have them ready for the kill.
Skills and Items - Yes there are finally skills and items!

SBS Choices:
Move/Attack in any order
Counter Attacks
Dual Battle System (Allows this to work separately from the default battle system so that you can use more than one!)
Fancy Status
Unique Summon System
Extremely Complex AI System (better than in any other available tbs system, currently)
Chain Lightning Effects
Multislot & Enhanced Weapon Support
Isometric Support
Complex or Easy Animated Battlers (new to 1.5 allows way more customization to define number of poses, frames and even index flow)
Active/Team based modes
XP/VX Compatible
SDK Compatible (but it is not required)

-Easy to use!
-Float (ignore tiles passability)
-Spider (Water walk)
-Submarine (Water only)
-Mana Shield
-Don't evade
-Don't move
-Don't act
-Immobile skills
-Pierce skills (cannot be reflected)
-Scene Organization for Missions
-Setup Terrain effects
-lots of customizations for skills/items/weapons/armors/enemies!

Please note that this game will be part of a series of games called "Small World". The first of which is in the dev. progressive step.

Also, I have used all of these except SRPG2, but it seems easy.

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V o t e !V o t e !V o t e !V o t e !V o t e !V o t e !V o t e !

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