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The cliche story game

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The cliche story game Empty The cliche story game

Post by praygon on 19th July 2011, 7:34 pm

((OT: So basically im trying to write a fantasy novel and im very cliche conscious so i wanted to know what you guys think are the most cliched and down right annoying cliche's but i figured just listing them is boring so heres a game ill start a story you guys then in your post get to continue the story you can add as little or as much as you want theres only two rules 1:Make it as cliched as possible in names events ect ect it doesn't necessarily have to be bad just cliched 2: well use role play rules so anything not related to the story post it in double brackets with OT: before hand now let the games begin!!)

The wind beat upon his back the heat of the flames punished his eyes causing the tears upon his face to burn even more Seth looked down on his now desolate hometown burned to the ground by reniks dark army and he had been helpless to stop them unable to bring himself to use his hidden power "i wasn't strong enough" he stuttered trying to hold back a combination of sheer rage and sadness.

Wiping the tears from his face he grasped the hilt of his sword the glow of the fires reflected in his eyes he spoke with a tone of utter hatred in his voice "i will avenge my parents i will conjure my dark power and i will destroy you renik" taking one last look at his hometown of jase the place he had lived all 17 years of his life he raised the hood on his cloak shielding his long jet black hair from the flames and headed east towards the mountain range to his first stop the city of grand indigo.

((OT: and then feel free to jump in and continue from there your free to kill off or add in as many people as you want just try to keep it sligtly sensical and very very cliched))

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The cliche story game Empty Re: The cliche story game

Post by Rose Guardian on 20th July 2011, 7:06 pm

((OT: I'll like to add a few things. I'll do my best. Not really sure what clihe is. I am warnnig you now my grammer is not the best.)

When he reached the mountain range a giangantic gray colored rock golem blocked his path.

"So you're looking for trouble aren't you!" he exclaimed.
The golem then tried to crush him with a punch. However he jumped to the side of the golem.
"You're wasting my time!" he yelled.

He then took his sword and cut into the golems rock flesh and the golem fell apart.
A woman's voice then said; "My, you sure are a strong one."
He then turned around and saw a very pretty woman with long blond hair wearing a white robe carrying a staff.
"My name is Clair what about your name?" she asked.

((OT: I hope this helps a little, I am trying to keep myself from writing out the whole thing since writing stories and manga is my strong point.)

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